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Japasty Sakura Heights

Japasty Sakura Heights

Basic Info

  • Project Name : Japasty Sakura Heights
  • Project Location : 135, Noyatola, Mogbazar, Dhaka
  • Land Area : 8.7 Katha
  • Handover Date : March 2019
  • Facing : North – East Corner
  • Total Apartments: 32 Nos
  • Storied: G+08 (9 Storied residential building)
  • Apartments Size:
    A – 1300 sft, B – 1300 sft, C – 1250 sft, D – 1315 sft


  • Floor Plan
  • Type A
  • Type B
  • Type C
  • Type D
  • Features & Amenities
  • Terms & Conditions
Floor Plan
Type A
Type B
Type C
Type D

    Specious entrance and driveway with security provisions. Proper arrangement for control of incoming and outgoing persons, vehicles & goods etc. Entrance & driveway will be pavement tiles. Gardening provision at front side of building. Heavy secured gate as per Architectural design including decorative lamp post, Building Name & Logo. Security grill for security the ground floor etc.


    Total layout thoroughly arranged to maximize advantage, especially in relation to the daylight from all sides and cross ventilation throughout. Privacy has been emphasized by spreading the layout from end to end. All rooms can take advantage of both the winter sunlight and cool summer breeze.


    Each floor of the building will be two flat and each flat have 04 bedrooms, living room, dining & family living, kitchen, 04 bathrooms, 04 verandahs & servant bedrooms.


    Elegant reception desk, guard room, drivers waiting room, highlight logo, generator room, wash room, 19 (nineteen) nos car parking with name palate for parking place allocation, security grill & gardening provision etc.


    Each of the main bed rooms have attractive bath with 24” × 24” RAK mirror polish or equivalent tiles in floor and aluminum tinted glass windows making every bedroom a place of comfort and relaxation.

  • WALL

    All internal and external walls will be 5” thick solid Machine made bricks.


    All floor, lobby and verandah will be 24”× 24” RAK mirror polish or equivalent tiles.


    All door frames will be solid Teak wood.

  • DOOR

    Solid Teak wooden decorative main entrance door with brass plate apartment number, check viewer, safety lock, calling bell switch good quality will be provided.Internal doors Sutter will be veneer flash with franc polished. All bathrooms’ door will be solid wood doors / PVC doors.


    All windows will be 4” high bottom KAI / Nikki aluminum frame sliding shutter with 5mn tinted glass with rubber channel & mohair lining and MS / square bar grill (11mn × 11mn) with mosquito net provision. External windows to have rain water protective seal.


    • Good quality RAK Model Karla Pedestal basin and high commode for three bathroom & basin, pan lowdown for servant bathroom. • 10” × 16” RAK or equivalent glazed ceramic tiles up to 7 feet wall for all baths. • 16” × 16” RAK or equivalent matching floor tiles in all bathrooms. • Hot & Cold water provision in three bathrooms. • Standard size looking glass in all bathrooms. • Best quality showerheads, towel rail, soap cases, tissue paper holder, glass self, stopcock, bib cock etc. will be provided in all bathrooms (Nazca / Sharif / Sitar) • Essentially correct uniform floor slope towards water outlet. • Exhaust fan provision in all bathrooms.


    • Protective 4” height 5” thick brick parapet wall, Lime tracing, protected children’s area, gardening provision & sitting arrangement etc.


    • Double burner gas point over impressively designed top platform. • One high polish stainless steel sink with sink mixer. • 10” × 16” RAK or equivalent wall tiles work top to 07’ height & 16” × 16” matching floor tiles.


    • Plastic paint with Burger seller putting on all internal wall & celling and external surface will be burger weather coat. • Enamel paint on all Ms grills. • France polish on all door shutters.

  • LIFT

    • 02 (two) superior with high speed lift of reputed manufactures to be with capacity of 6 (six) passengers (Sigma / Mitsubishi / Hyundai / equivalent). STAIR CASE • Best quality 12” × 12” RAK stair tiles & stair railing made by SS pipe as per architect design.


    • Intercom connection with all flat to reception desk. • Underground water reservoir with two-unit water lifting pumps. • One standby emergency Generator for operating in case of power failure. • Emergency power for lift, water pump, staircase lighting & illumination of 3 light & 02 fan point in each apartment. • Separate electric meter & gas connection for each flat from single source.


    • Concealed electrical wiring with BRB / Paradise cable wires & provision for AC connection in all bedrooms & living room. • M.K / equivalent electrical switches, sockets and ABB / L.G. or provided by flat owners at their own cost. • Provision for concealed TV & dish connection in the bedrooms & living room. • Combined water meter & sewerage line in ground floor.


    • Steel: 60 grade as per drawing with BSRM / KSRM / AKS / Rahim steel. • Cement: Cemex / Supercrete / Bashundhara / Crown Cement. • Aggregates: Singles stone for pilling, ¾” stone chips for all columns, grade beams, foundation, slab & beam. • Bricks: First class Machine made bricks. • Sand: 2.5 FM coarse sand & 1.5 FM medium sand.


    • Total foundation and superstructure is designed by a team of reputed and professional structure engineers. • Structural design parameters are based on BNBC and American Concrete Institute (ACI) & American Society of Testing & Materials (ASTM) code. • Structural analysis for design carried out by the latest computer software. • Sub soil investigation and compositions are comprehensively analyzed by latest testing equipment and laboratory techniques. • Protection from cyclone / winds up to 200 km/h. including earthquake factors (Richter scale 08).

  • 1) The company and the allotter will be required to execute the agreement to safeguard the interest of the allotter as well as the company.
  • 2) Payment of installments & all other charges are to be made on due dates. The allotter must adhere to the schedule of payment to ensure timely handing over of possession of the apartment to the allotter by the company.
  • 3) Delay in payments beyond the due date will make the allotter liable to pay the delay charge of 3% per days on the amount so delayed. If the payment is delayed for more than 60 days the event, the amount paid by the allotter will be refunded after deducting the earnest money.
  • 4) If for some unavoidable reasons it becomes necessary to make minor changes in the specification, design and/or layout of the apartment & other facilities, the company will have the right to do so.
  • 5) The company may cancel allotment for non-payment of installment in disregard of reminders & after final intimation to allotter by registered post at the address given us in the Application From / Agreement.
  • 6) On completion & on full payment of installments & other charges & dues the company will hand over the possession of the apartment to the allotter. Otherwise, the possession of the apartment will remain with the company.
  • 7) The allotter will pay Stamp Duties, VAT, any other duties / fees, documentation charges, utilities connection charges/deed commissioning charges.
  • 8) After taking over the apartment of the project, the allotter (s) must consult the company prior to the undertaking any layout & structural changes of apartment complex. Failure to do so will be at the sole risk of the allotted.
  • 9) If for any reason beyond the control of the company, the implementation of the project is abandoned, the company will refund to the allotter the Earnest money & all installments deposited, within 60 (sixty) days from the announcement to the effect. In this eventuality, the allotter will not be entitled to any claim or damages whatsoever.
  • 10) After registration of the flat, the allotter will form a welfare association to manage & maintain the project. For this purpose, each allotter shall have to deposit TK. 1,00,000/- (one lac) in the common service fund.
  • 11) All apartments should be used for residential purpose only.
  • 12) Additional / extra works may be done on payment of actual cost plus 10% supervision charge.
  • 13) After full payment, the apartment will be registered in the name of individual buyer.
  • 14) The developer reserves the right to make any alteration, addition, omission, revising of the total or any part of the architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing or any other design or working drawing.

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